Connect. Share projects. Hack everything.

February 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

This post contains the new copy and messaging we’re shipping for the Mozilla Drumbeat web site re-launch. We’ll be constantly iterating and improving as we go, so continued feedback is awesome. For context, see these posts:

Front page

Connect. Share projects. Hack everything.

Drumbeat is a global community of innovators like you, 
building a more awesome web and world.

  • Connect with others.
  • Find great projects.
  • Or share your own.

Alternate front page headlines

…are here on slideshare. To consider for future use.

About page

Updated copy is here.

F.A.Q. page

Updated copy is here.

Dance Steps for Drumbeat

A “How To” for Drumbeat Projects. Copy is here.

An overview page for audiences. Staged version is here.

What is Drumbeat? (in one tweet)

#Drumbeat is a global community building a more awesome web & world. Connect with others. Find projects. Share your own

Your feedback on Drumbeat’s new messaging

February 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

What headline would you put on Drumbeat’s new front page? Last week we asked for your help — and a flurry of interesting ideas came back through the mailing list and comment thread. Taken together, they provide an excellent snapshot of what Drumbeat’s all about (see the word cloud above).

Here’s a round-up of some of what I found inspiring or helpful. I’ve paraphrased for brevity in places, and changed punctuation a bit to make them consistent. The creativity of this community really inspires me. Not sure if there’s a clear winner here yet — but it’s been a terrific exercise so far. And inspired some ideas I’d like to share in a follow-up post. But for now…

Open innovation. Powered by you.

Start. Build. Play.

Connect. Share projects. Change the world.


Open everything. Powered by everyone.


Open web. Open minds. Open world.


Collaborate. Innovate. Commence awesomeness.


Embrace. Build. Share.


Build the open web. Build the future.


Open up.


Collaborate and grow ideas for the open web.


Love freedom. Build the web.

–Paul B.

Share ideas and projects. Help change the web.


People. Possibilities. Ideas. Think Open.


Together, we build the web.


Build the change you want to see in the web.


Share the beat. Build the future.


Comments and analysis

WTF is “open” supposed to mean anyway? …Getting more people involved and excited about everything Drumbeat is means not ostracizing people who are unfamiliar with the idea of Open Web.


Words that focus on what people *do* are better than vague adjectives. If we lead with “Build,” for instance, something like “Build the Web”, then by implication we mean the parts of the web that are open (because we’re inviting people to build it).
–Paul O.

What is Mozilla about? The web, obviously. But what else? Being new in the community, I have started to realize that at Mozilla, there is a  huge “do it!” culture. There is also the idea of non-profit, of improving “individual  empowerment.” Of a somehow humanistic view of what the web should be or do for us as users of it.


Where does that leave us?

For the front page headline, I’m persuaded by Paul’s argument that words that focus on what people do (verbs) are better than adjectives and nouns. Many of the ideas people shared are great potential tag lines — but a tag line is different. Tag lines can be poetic and more aspirational — these headlines need to clearly signal what our users do here. If Foursquare is “Check in. Find friends. Unlock your city,” we need the equivalent set of verbs for Drumbeat. For me, Jaime’s use of “Connect” and “Share projects” is a breakthrough in this regard. More ideas on that in a follow-up post!

Drumbeat’s new front page: [insert awesome here]

January 24, 2011 § 23 Comments

Crisp. Clear. Fun. But what?

As part of the new messaging for Mozilla Drumbeat, we need some crisp new headline copy for the front page. A quick lightning bolt that answers: “What is this? Why am I here?” It should be ruthlessly clear and simple, ideally with a little poetry or play thrown in. Instead of “eat your broccoli” earnestness or buzzwords.

What are these Drumbeaters *doing*?

That’s the question this copy should answer. It’s not really “What is Drumbeat?” But more: “What do I do here?” The new front page will include an activity stream that highlights the most recent examples of people *doing stuff* on Drumbeat. It’s a great way to show instead of tell. But what, in a nutshell, are those people doing? “Building a better web and world?” “Open collaboration on awesome projects?” “Making cool stuff on the web together?”

Foursquare = “Connect with friends. Unlock your city.”

Foursquare does this well. From the moment you land, you grok exactly what the application is all about. The activity stream immediately telegraphs what people do here. And the copy fires three crisp bullets (in just 8 words): “Check in. Connect with friends. Unlock your city.”

What’s the Drumbeat equivalent?

One of Mark Surman‘s earlier tag lines was: “Innovation for the open web. Powered by everyone.” Drumbeat is about open web tools and thinking. Applied to new projects in areas like education, media and science. Co-creation and building together is key. Working in the open. Using open technologies. And experimenting with what else we can do with “open.” Open collaboration on projects. Open innovation through design and developer challenges. Open education, open media, open science, open hardware, open data…  It’d be nice to have the word “open” in there. But how exactly?

Using open technologies to build the world we want

I keep coming back to these slides for inspiration:

What would you do?

What headline would you put on Drumbeat’s new front page? Propose an awesome answer as a comment here, and earn bragging rights and undying respect from the Drumbeat community. And of course a snazzy t-shirt and swag.

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